Criminal Business Law

An important aspect of life and business is the risk of criminal liability for actions taken by entrepreneurs and persons acting on their behalf. This applies not only to general obligations to take care of the property of managed legal persons (not to act to their detriment), but also to the recognition of specific orders and prohibitions concerning business activities in various sectors, resulting from private and public law.

Also entrepreneurs are bound by general principles of Criminal business law such as the presumption of innocence and economic freedom, especially in the sense that anything that is not legally prohibited is allowed. However, even in practice, even in the administration of justice, all too often there is “simplification” by applying the responsibility of entrepreneurs for the very effect of a business venture, regardless of whether or not the entrepreneur actually infringes economic law and regardless of whether or not such an infringement is the entrepreneur’s fault. In the practice of the Polish justice system, too often the basic directive that the commercial criminal law is of a subsidiary nature is omitted, and cannot be the basis for settling disputes and claims against entrepreneurs for whom civil and commercial courts have jurisdiction.

The specificity, difficulty and distinctiveness of criminal business law cases lies in the necessity to take into account and know many areas of law: criminal, commercial, administrative, civil and even international. Therefore, in our Law Firm, the rule is to conduct interdisciplinary and team defence in such cases.

Criminal Business Law – what we do:

  •  carry out a comprehensive, interdisciplinary analysis of the factual and legal status of a case entrusted by the Client,
  •  try to predict and determine the final outcome of criminal proceedings,
  •  determine the procedural strategy and defence tactics in the pretrial (investigation and prosecution) and the conduct of the court dispute,
  •  in justified cases, we initiate mediation proceedings based on the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure,
  •  support and accompany the Client in every legally permissible form, at every stage and in every action: investigation, investigation or trial, including executive and penitentiary proceedings,
  •  we have experience in defending against the unjustified imposition of property and compensation obligations in criminal court decisions,
  •  represent our Clients in commercial criminal cases before all law enforcement and judicial authorities, in particular before: district, county and appeal courts and the Supreme Court; we have experience and practice of representing the rights of Clients’ wronged parties before: Constitutional Tribunal, European Court of Human Rights and Court of Justice of the European Union.

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