Copyright and industrial property

Innovation, uniqueness, creativity are special values. Their protection serves the development of all areas of social life. Unique technical solutions and original methods of action are a product particularly desired in the economy and in business. An idea and a concept are the basis of every success.

Unlawful infringement of copyright, manifesting i.e. in impersonating someone else’s brand or copying someone else’s work or product, is highly harmful to society and may give rise to civil, compensation, but also criminal liability on the part of the perpetrator.

How to protect your product? How to protect your thought from theft? On the other hand, how to defend yourself against nonsense accusations of plagiarism?

Our lawyers are experienced in the field of copyright and industrial property law.

Copyright and industrial property – what we do:

  • provide professional advice and legal assistance in court proceedings and before patent offices,
  • have experience in legal representation and conducting disputes in specific court proceedings concerning copyright and industrial property rights,
  • mediate in disputes over the protection of these rights,
  • provide support in negotiating such contract provisions that will effectively secure broadly defined copyrights.

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