Traffic damages

Since the very beginning, our Law Firm has successfully represented individual clients and entrepreneurs in disputes with companies and insurance companies. The standards developed, the rich experience of the Law Firm and constant cooperation with independent experts allow for quick and reliable analysis of claims of the injured parties.

The Law Firm’s team has extensive experience in providing legal services to injured clients. At present, the Law Firm conducts over 200 cases concerning motor damage against various companies and insurance companies. The Law Firm provides services at every stage of proceedings, starting from pre-litigation (usually ending with a settlement), through court proceedings before common courts of both instances, and if necessary also before enforcement authorities. The legal service of the Law Firm aims at effective enforcement of the compensation due to the Client.

Traffic damages – what we do:

  • analyze claims of injured parties and perpetrators of communication damages,
  • advise on activities preceding the commencement of a court dispute (we prepare pre-trial subpoenas and, if possible, seek a solution to the problem in settlement negotiations, prepare out-of-court settlements),
  • represent our Clients at every stage of court proceedings, prepare pleadings, strategies for conducting cases, participate in hearings and meetings before common courts of both instances,
  • represent you in enforcement proceedings.

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