Local Government

The cooperation and legal support of local government units and their associations in the Lower Silesia province is the basic mission of our Law Firm and the legal specialization of our lawyers.

We provide legal support to many local government units and their unions, as well as other units of the public finance sector, providing current and comprehensive legal services and participating in many investment and organizational projects that require special concentration and involvement, and which are of significant importance to the local community.

As part of the provided legal assistance, we support local government in the following areas: creation of local law, real estate management, public procurement, maintaining cleanliness and order in communes, local spatial development plans or local taxes and fees.

We are constantly improving, but we also train others. Lawyers of our Law Firm participate and manage training programmes for local government units in the field of current legislative changes (compare the article:  IV Krajowy Kongres Sekretarzy Jednostek Samorządu Terytorialnego).

Helping in the current functioning of local communities, we focus on their efficient organization, comfort and safety of the inhabitants. We promote the idea of democracy by cooperating with foundations, including the Valerian Panka Local Government Training Centre and the Foundation for Local Democracy Development. We promote unique local heritage to serve the next generations (compare article: – Podziemne Miasto Osówka – otwarcie trasy).

Our dedicated team of lawyers provides legal assistance to the employees of the local government unit, as well as its organizational units and local government bodies.

Depending on the specification of a problem or a veture we dedicate a selected team of our lawyers to carry the neccesary actions. We to support and cooperate with employees of local government units and their associations, as well as with local legal entities and other organizational units.

Local government – what do we do:

  • represent local government units in proceedings before courts and administrative bodies,
  • provide opinions on draft legal acts (resolutions, orders, etc.),
  • provide legal advice on matters related to the activities of a local government unit,
  • provide legal opinions and draft agreements, decisions, resolutions of collegial bodies, provisions, administrative agreements,,
  • inform about the tasks of the self-government resulting from current amendments to the acts,
  • advise on public procurement,
  • participate in negotiations conducted by the local government unit,
  • support local government units in their ability to carry out their tasks co-financed by EU and national aid funds, both at the stage of obtaining, spending and then accounting for them,
  • provide services to local government organizational units: schools, municipal facilities, social welfare centers.

Legal services provided by our Lawyers consist in the provision of direct services both at the unit’s seat (in the office) and at a distance, using communication and remote work, including Internet communication.
We adapt the manner and dimension of legal services to the needs and expectations of the local government unit, its representatives and employees.

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