Banking / Finance

Our Law Firm provides legal services to banks and other financial institutions.

Internal banking departments, departments and legal services are usually located at banks’ headquarters. Meanwhile, the activities of banks and the location of their local units cover the whole country. Therefore, regardless of the inevitable standardisation of banking activities, there will always be a need to provide legal support to local units, taking into account individual, specific features of a particular case or problem.

Our attorneys and advocates assist public prosecutors, act as procedural representatives of banks and act as auxiliary prosecutors in numerous cases concerning the bank’s activities. The activity of banks in such cases increases their chance to eliminate the damage, for example, by judging the perpetrators of the obligation to remedy the damage in criminal proceedings. Our Law Firm has also  extensive experience in conducting civil proceedings against unreliable bank Clients. The active role of banks represented by the Law Firm in criminal and civil proceedings often leads to amicable and consensual dispute resolution.

Banking / Finance – what we do:

  • represent banks in commercial and civil proceedings both in an offensive role claiming for the benefit of banks the payment of cash benefits or the release of goods, or the formation or establishment of a legal relationship as well as in a defensive role, defending the property and non-property interests of banks against unjustified claims of third parties, including bank employees, entrepreneurs and consumers,
  • represent banks in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, including the construction of partial agreements with creditors in these proceedings,
  • represent and support banks also at the execution and recovery stage,
  • prepare for the needs of banks and other financial institutions, including entities from the public finance sector, legal opinions and analyses, in particular with regard to banking, financial, economic, administrative and procedural law,
  • provide direct and individual advice and assistance to employees of the banks’ field units,
  • support banks and other financial institutions in their negotiations and mediation as legal experts,
  • provide legal services to financial institutions other than banks, for example, to entities providing outsourcing services to banks, acting in the field of financial intermediation and other financial services,
  • In criminal proceedings, we also represent banks and other financial institutions at the investigation and prosecution stage, taking care of the interests of the bank as a wronged party.

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