Construction law

Disputes over construction contracts are a particularly complex matter. It is necessary not only to be fluent in the law, but also to have special knowledge of the individual construction sectors.

Construction law requires a skillful combitation and securing the interests of the parties of the investment process. Our Law Firm provides comprehensive services to entities performing construction works at every stage of a project. Our Clients include: investors, general contractors, subcontractors, contract engineers and construction designers, project authors and construction supervision.

We have extensive experience in the application of construction law. In the history of our Law Firm we have participated in dozens of investments.

Representing our Clients, we firstly look for a solution to a problem that stands in the way of the execution of the project. We aim to work out a draft of a contract, a settlement, and if it is impossible, to shape a court process so that it will ensure the execution of the investment. We are aware that construction law is an area in which close cooperation of many entities is necessary. We make efforts to ensure that the interests of our Clients are protected and the contractual procedures are enforced. Compare – article: Odstąpienie przez wykonawcę od umowy.

Construction law and construction works – what we do:

  • provide legal services for investments in the construction of buildings and technical or industrial infrastructure,
  • conduct legal audit of the investment,
  • prepare construction work contracts and cooperation agreements within the scope of the construction process, including contracts with: designer, contract engineers, investor and author’s supervision persons,
  • participate in negotiations of the investment process,
  • represent our Clients in all administrative proceedings, including before the departments of geodesy, architecture and construction supervision,
  • negotiate investment and executive agreements,
  • represent Clients in disputes between investors and construction contractors and in disputes concerning joint and several liability of investors and contractors towards subcontractors,
  • participate in court proceedings relating to the non-performance or improper performance of obligations arising therefrom,
  • support in obtaining funds for the implementation of investments, including public and EU grants.

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