Environment protection law

Since the beginning of its existence, our Law Firm has been dealing with a wide area of law, like environmental protection and nature conservation. We believe that for the benefit of the future generations, nature and economy must cooperate with each other.

We make every effort to ensure that environmental protection and the investment process is consistent and safe, therefore we participate in the whole investment process. We provide legal assistance in administrative and court proceedings in environmental protection cases. (Compare article: Dobre sąsiedztwo – komentarz eksperta)

The assessment of environmental issues requires the interpretation of not only Polish but also community law of the European Union. It is also often necessary to follow European legislative trends. Torough environmental analyses is required in every venture when the emission of gases, waste or noise are possible to occure.

Environmental protection law – what we do:

  • draw up opinions, analyses and legal recommendations in the field of environmental protection for the needs of investments, including assessment of the conformity of investments in the field of emissions,
  • participate in and legally support waste management entities, waste producers and entities with waste management responsibilities,
  • analyze the legal status of the investment in the context of both environmental protection regulations and assessment on the proceedings of environmental impact,
  • carry out legal audit of the enterprise in the scope of risk and liability of the enterprise due to violation of environmental regulations,
  • analyze the obligations of our Clients with regard to environmental permits and the admissibility of transferring permits to other entities,
  • analyze draft contract documentation,,
  • represent our Clients in proceedings before public administration bodies and state administration authorities in matters related to environmental protection and waste management,
  • analyse purchase/sale transactions of real estate or businesses in terms of legal effects and liability for future environmental damage disclosed,
  • represent our Clients in the proceedings to obtain permits for releasing substances or energy into the environment,
  • we are involved in cases of non-violation of the environment and restoring it,
  • we represent our Clients in proceedings concerning penalties, fees and liability for environmental damage, water and waste management,
  • appear before the courts in cases related to the violation of regulations concerning environmental protection.

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