Lawyers of our Law Firm have been dealing with lobbying activity on the basis of the law on lobbying activity since 2007.

As defined by the Act of Law on Lobbying Activity in the process of legislation, lobbying activity is any activity conducted with the use of legally permitted methods aimed at influencing public authorities.

Our practice and experience show that the basis for success in lobbying activity is skilful presentation of arguments and rationale for introducing the postulated legal regulations. The Law Firm recognizes the “problems” indicated by the Clients requiring legislative intervention at the level of laws or executive regulations and orders, prepares recommendations on the legitimacy of the postulated solutions and assesses the feasibility of these postulates.

Our Law Firm provides professional services also in the legislative process, preparing analyses, recommendations, opinions and proposals of specific legislative solutions (legal regulations), which can then be taken over into draft laws and other normative acts.

Our attorneys-at-law and advocates have practical experience in drafting normative acts made by local government bodies, including preparation of statutes, regulations and agreements for public finance entities.

Lobbying – what we do:

  • at the Client’s request, we participate and advise in the legislative process, presenting analyses and proposals of specific legislative solutions to the bodies and entities that have the legislative initiative and authority to pass new laws,
  • at the Client’s request, we represent the postulated new legal solutions in the legislative process and monitor the legislative process,
  • prepare draft legal acts together with a justification and impact assessment of the proposed regulations, which can then be used in the process of passing the law,
  • make requests for legislative initiatives as part of citizens’ implementation of the citizens’ initiative,
  • represent our Client in public consultations in parliamentary committees, senate committees, before the office of the President of the Republic of Poland and before central and local public administration bodies,
  • our lawyers have particular experience in preparing drafts of normative acts adopted by local government bodies, including local law acts, resolutions of the bodies constituting and orders of executive bodies,
  • prepare draft statutes and regulations for public entities.

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