Criminal law

An important scope of Our Law Firm's activity is the defence and legal representation of natural and legal persons in criminal, fiscal and misdemeanour cases. The importance of these cases results from the fact that they concern human freedom and important property matters.

Our advocates conduct defence at every stage of criminal proceedings. They take part in preparatory proceedings, undertake activities in the investigation or prosecution, and appear at court hearings. The condition for an effective defence in a criminal case is mutual trust between the defence counsel and the accused.

When the complexity and importance of the case requires it, we dedicate a team of lawyers to defend the Client, which develops the procedural strategy of the case. Our experience shows that also in criminal cases teamwork brings very good results, protecting our Clients.

In criminal cases, we also represent the wronged parties, auxiliary and private prosecutors. We also support witnesses during their testimony as their attorney.

We advise our Clients in criminal cases also when no criminal proceedings have been initiated yet. In this way, it is possible to prevent the risk of criminal liability, especially in areas where legal regulations are unclear, illegible or incomprehensible. 

Having a large team of criminal lawyers allows Our Law Firm to undertake defence or representation of wronged parties in various criminal cases.

Criminal law – our specialisations:

  • economic crimes, abuse of trust, acting to the detriment of the managed entity,
  • fiscal offences,
  • medical malpractice, criminal and professional liability of doctors,
  • traffic offences,
  • environmental crimes.

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