Family law

Family law cases are very emotional, therefore it is crucial to entrust the proceedings to a professional attorney. The attorney not only knows the legal regulations, but is be able to look at the case objectively and maintain a neccesary distance. Thanks to that he will effectively protect the legal interests of the represented person.

In practice, the most common types of cases are: divorce and separation, adjudication of alimony and change of the amount of adjudged alimony, entrusting parental authority and establishing contacts with a minor child, custody, establish the origin of the child, liquidation and division of property, conclusion of property agreements between spouses.

The courtroom is not the only forum for resolving such disputes, specific due to family and marital ties, kinship and affinity of the participants in such cases. As a mediation-friendly Law Firm, conducting family and marital law cases before we start the court proceedings, we aim to work out a consensual, amicable and consistent solution in accordance with the legitimate expectations of the Client.

Our lawyers have experience in initiating and participating in mediation, judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, including direct mediation. They hold training certificates of the Mediator of the Mediation Centre at the General Bar Council.

The specificity and difficulty of family cases often requires specialist support from psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists. Our Law Firm cooperates with experts in this area, providing substantive support at a high level, loyalty and confidentiality.

Family law – what we do:

  • conduct pre-trial negotiations and support Clients in judicial and extra-judicial mediation,
  • help to develop mediation arrangements, including a parental care plan,
  • represent Clients in court proceedings concerning all family matters,
  • establish and recommend measures for the effective enforcement of parental, marriage and maintenance rights.

Our Law Firm has experience in legal representation and defence of Clients’ rights in the area of family and civil law at every stage of conciliation, security, court and enforcement proceedings.

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