Municipal companies

Municipal companies are an important tool for performing public tasks of local government

Our Law Firm has experience in creating and providing legal services for municipal companies. We advise in all legal aspects related to both investment projects and current activities of municipal companies, performance of public tasks and services for local communities. We adwise also in terms of compliance with the rules of public finance discipline and public procurement. 

We carry out audits of human resources and employment policy in municipal companies, including the implementation of specific rules for remunerating members of their bodies, through the preparation of draft managerial contracts, employment contracts and resolutions of relevant bodies of these companies.

We have experience in preparing projects and carrying out investment projects under the Public-Private Partnership formula.

Our practise is built not only on the basis of legal services provided to municipal companies and local government units, but also through participation in audit committees and supervisory boards, and through training of employees and management staff.

Our Law Firm provides services to municipal companies both within the framework of contracts for the permanent legal service, as well as on the basis of an order to provide legal support in a specific case, to service a specific investment or contract, to conduct specific court proceedings or to substitute the court in specific types of cases.

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