Attorneys-at-law and advocates from our Law Firm have experience and competence in the field of workshops for local government units, their management and staff in such areas as:

We provide workshops in the following areas:

  • public procurement,
  • counteracting money laundering,
  • personal data protection,
  • rights and obligations of employers and employees under the employment relationship on the basis of an employment contract or a civil law contract, including the employer’s confidential information, business secrets, prohibition of competition of employees and rules of employment and termination of employment contracts.

We also offer workshops in civil, commercial, administrative and criminal law in subjects corresponding to specific needs and requirements indicated by the Clients.

At the Client’s request, we conduct constant monitoring of a given area of legal regulations and prepare current reports on significant changes in the legal status and train local government units in the implementation of new legal regulations in the daily functioning of an unit. 

We pay particular attention to the possibility of practical use of the knowledge and information provided, in efficient and effective management of the unit. We try to ensure that our guidelines also serve the development of the local society.

Workshops for local government units – what we do:

  • analyze the problems and needs of enterprises in the scope of matters indicated by the Client,
  • prepare audits in the scope of proper application of legal regulations concerning current business activity conducted by the Clients,
  • prepare local government units to implement new legal regulations,
  • develop options for possible ways of solving current problems of the company and obstacles to its development.

Workshops are carried out in a form adapted to the needs and capabilities of Clients, stationary both in the headquarters and offices of the Client, the Office or an external entity, and remote with the use of multimedia and remote communication means.

Participants receive training materials developed by lawyers, and after successful completion of the training, appropriate certificates or attestations.

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