We represent our Clients before the civil and administrative courts of all instances, Supreme Courstt, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal.

Litigation disputes are sometimes inevitable. We take on both standard and complex cases, concerning unusual events and substantial amounts. All our Clients’ cases are equally important to us. There are not only experienced practitioners, but also attorneys and legal advisers making scientific and didactic careers in our Law Firm. Experience in determining the strategy and conducting the trial, as well as knowledge of the procedure, especially in civil and criminal cases in times of intensive legislative changes, is of extreme importance. Compare article: Reforma kodeksu postępowania cywilnego – zarzut potrącenia

Litigation – what we do:

  • conduct pre-trial, comprehensive analysis of the legal and factual situation of the Client,
  • estimate the cost of the process, the duration of the court dispute, the profitability of initiation or continuation the process in the light of the Client’s economic and life interests; we strive to anticipate and determine the final outcome of the court dispute,
  • determine the procedural strategy and litigation tactics,
  • due to the length of court proceedings, we always analyse the possibility of ensuring the enforceability of judgments in the security proceedings,
  • advise and cooperate with our Clients also in activities preceding the commencement of a court dispute (we support or represent the Client in talks and negotiations with its contractors, prepare business correspondence, pre-court summonses, if possible, seek a solution to the problem in settlement negotiations, prepare out-of-court settlements),
  • Iin criminal cases, we support and accompany the Client in every legally permissible form, at every stage and in every action: investigation, investigation or trial, including executive proceedings,
  • we have experience in defending the rights of victims of crime, both in criminal trials and civil compensation,
  • we have extensive experience in representation and defence of clients’ rights at every stage of court proceedings, at hearings before: district, county and appeal courts and the Supreme Court; we also appear before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court; we have experience and practice of representing clients’ rights before the Constitutional Court, the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Areas we specialize in:

  • civil and economic law,
  • criminal and fiscal law,
  • commercial law,
  • the supervisory decisions of government administration bodies,
  • control and tax procedures,
  • trade agreements,
  • civil law claims,
  • real estate management, real estate trading,
  • court-administrative proceedings.

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